Livery Service

What is a livery service? This type of on-the-road service stands of any kind of paid transportation, with a very specific meaning in the taxi industry. At Ace Taxi, livery service is about serving the pre-arranged ride market in northeastern Ohio. Proudful of the fact we supply a large number of regular transportations on a schedule, Ace Taxi keeps its service level supreme.

Pre-Arranged Ride Needs

A pivotal provider of pre-arranged rides in and around Cleveland, Ace Taxi is covering everything from non-medical transport and school transport to all other recurring ride services. The company’s fleet of superb vehicles is optimized to cover both small-to-medium groups and larger groups, adding to your rides’ comfort and pleasure. Get the very best in transportation solutions on a single or recurring basis with the company that puts your comfort first.

Professional Drivers and Great Service

One of the key factors allowing us to serve you with such great success are our drivers. Each member of the chauffeur setup is licensed, fully insured and well-trained. Not only do Ace Taxi drivers pass all rigorous driving standards but they are also to stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry with continuing education and certification. Riding with Ace drivers means being entrusted to fully vetted and insured professionals who protect your safety and provide you with the best possible service.

Pre-arranged Rides

Trust Ace Taxi with your schedule – no matter where or how far you are going, you’ll have a superior ride waiting.

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Comfort & Pleasure

Your enjoyment matters and Ace Taxi is making sure customer satisfaction always comes first.

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Privacy on Point

Whether it’s your schedule, destination or time of departure that needs to be kept private – Ace Taxi is there to serve.

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Get very best in transportation solutions on a single or recurring basis with the team dedicated to ensuring absolute customer satisfaction, no matter the type of service or destination booked.

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