Corporate Accounts

    Corporate Service is an easy way to track and manage transportation expenses and reservations for employees, customers and management for your company. Say “Goodbye” to petty cash distributions or lost credit card receipts, and embrace the future of secure taxicab transactions.

    Ace Taxi’s corporate account is designed for every business professional who needs to get from building to building within downtown Cleveland, Greater Cleveland, and beyond in a quick, safe, and efficient manner.

    Perfect for frequent trips no matter the distance, Ace Taxi corporate account service is also fantastic for going to group meetings, display boards and other business gatherings holding more than one person.

    Since Ace Elite sedans are the primary corporate account vehicles around here, Ace Taxi makes sure that every ride you take is safe, efficient, timely, and comfortable. And – if you need a van – Ace Taxi can jump in to save the day for that, too!

    How does the corporate account work?

    Ace Taxi is all about finding the best options for its clients. Depending on the number of people at the office, the frequency of trips per week, the distance of the trips, and a few other factors, be sure Ace Taxi will have a plan that meets your needs.

    Once your account is established with Ace Taxi, anyone from your office can call 216-361-8000 , fax us their order at 216-361-2304, or email us at . If possible, please allow 45 minutes from the time the order is placed to the requested pick up time.

    Upon calling, you must indicate that this is a corporate account ride with the company name/corporate account number specified. This procedure ensures your account remains current and your call placed as a priority.

    Once a month, you’ll get a detailed transport summary indicating all date, time, pick up, drop off, and rate information. It is the company’s policy for the drivers’ tips to be offered at the time of service rather than being incorporated in the overall billing summary.

    You’ll have an Ace Taxi marketing representative follow up with you within two business days to discuss a corporate account that best fits your company’s needs.