About Ace Taxi

General information

Ace Taxi is a 24/7 taxicab service, operating on “call and demand” principle throughout Cleveland and the surrounding communities. One of Cleveland’s largest taxi companies, Ace Taxi is regulated by the City of Cleveland and currently enjoys the status of an exclusive transportation service for various hotels, businesses, schools, and several Greater Cleveland nursing homes.


How everything started

Back in 1997 things clicked for Bhupendra “Robert” Bavishi due to a slight airport inconvenience. Namely, a flight out of Hopkins International Airport was canceled and travelers required to stay overnight in Cleveland, Ohio. The next day, an astounding shortage of cabs shocked the travelers who attempted to make their way back to the airport, and – for Robert – that meant only one thing: Set up a company that’ll ALWAYS meet its clients’ demands. And he did.


Alternative Fuel Leader

Ace Taxi is one of the largest cab companies in the northeast Ohio area, operating a fleet of more than 150 cabs, shuttles and livery vehicles, including the largest fleet of CNG vehicles in NE Ohio. In fact, more than 65% of the Ace Taxi fleet is made up of these highly fuel-efficient hybrids, CNG and propane units…

Safe Rides

Your safety matters, always. To make sure you feel secure riding with us, Ace Taxi developed a reliable taxi and RideShare service with every car commercially insured, and each driver cleared of drug use, charges, and misdemeanor.

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Professional Drivers

Educated, experienced and au courant with all taxi trends, Ace Taxi drivers are ensuring your rides are handled skillfully and professionally. Enjoy your taxi rides as you deserve.

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Drug-free Environment

As a Transportation Network Company, Ace Taxi is a drug-free workplace with zero-tolerance for policy violations. If you suspect a violation of any kind, please call 216-361-8700 immediately. Ace Taxi is on alert to keep you safe.

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a word from the owner

My heart went out to these stranded out-of-town guests,” says Devang Bavishi. “The taxi companies operating in Cleveland either could not handle the calls or did not takes the calls seriously. Either way, I knew I could do a better job.”

Since that day, Ace Taxi has grown from 25 cabs to nearly 100 vans and 50 sedans today. And their fleet and services continue to grow!

“We understand that Clevelanders and the traveling public have a choice in the taxi company they choose,” says Devang “DeVo” Bavishi, operations manager for the company and Robert’s son. “Each call is important to us and we are committed to providing a reliable, safe, and clean ride to every customer – no matter the destination.”

Ace Taxi is the most reliable taxicab company you can put your trust in for everything from business transportation to non-emergency medical rides. We care to make you content.

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