Shared Ride/Shuttle Program

Available to take you to Cleveland Hopkins Airport

Cleveland-based and family-owned, Ace Taxi is a taxi business that not only owns a radio dispatch room with GPS tracking of vehicles, but it also operates 24/7 and accepts credit cards. Fantastic traits to have in a taxicab nearby, aren’t they?

The newest program offered by Ace Taxi is a Shared Ride/Shuttle program, taking you anywhere from your home or hotel to Cleveland Hopkins Airport, for a minimal fee per person.

Make Ace Taxi Part of Your Party Package

Available for rides to restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and bars

When customers call you to book a private event, they want to know they are getting a unique, and quality, experience, don’t they? Since you already offer a first-rate establishment, a good location and excellent amenities – you NEED to include Ace Taxi into your package for an A-list experience.

For every private party booked at your location, offer taxi transportation to and from your establishment via Ace Taxi. Make it easy for customers to say YES to the arrangement by arranging their pick up and drop off when needed. Due to an extensive selection of taxis and vans, Ace Taxi can work with you on providing your customers with top-of-the-line transportation in regular cars, corporate sedans and limousines.

Each time a customer calls about arranging an event at your establishment, suggest handling transportation that would have all the members of their party picked up together (or separately), and driven to the party. No need to worry about drinking, parking, or other inconveniences, either. Plus, you can just add the charge onto their bill.

Make Ace Taxi services a regular component of your event package, specially designed for company holiday parties, New Year’s events and corporate functions. This is the perfect time for the customers to let their hair down and enjoy, even if that meant paying a little extra to have the convenience of first-rate door-to-door transportation.


Purchase an Ace Taxi Gift Certificate for your family, friends and business associates.

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