Livery Service

The term “livery” is often applied to any type of paid transportation, but in the taxi industry it has a specific meaning.  At Ace Taxi Service, our livery fleet is the segment of our business that serves the pre-arranged ride market in northeastern Ohio.  We take pride in the fact that we supply a large number of pre-arranged rides for those who need regular transportation on a schedule.


Pre-Arranged Ride Needs

The livery fleet at Ace Taxi Service is a pivotal provider for pre-arranged rides in and around Cleveland.  We regularly service clients who have the need for non-medical transport, school transport and other pre-arranged and recurring ride needs.  Whenever someone has a regular, recurring transportation requirement, Ace Taxi Service is on hand to provide the best possible service.We are able to do this because we have the fleet of vehicles and the drivers to provide solutions for all types of transportation needs.  For example, we have vehicles that will provide group transport for small-to-medium groups, and we can combine vehicles to meet the needs of even larger groups.  Further, we can provide paratransit support for those in wheelchairs as well as passengers with other medical or mobility issues.  We are able to give our clients the very best in transportation solutions on a single or recurring basis because we dedicate our efforts to ensuring customer satisfaction, no matter what the need.


Professional Drivers and Great Service

One of the key factors allowing us to serve our clients with such great success is our drivers.  Each of our drivers is licensed, fully insured and well-trained.  We understand that in order to provide our passengers with great service, our drivers need to be at the top of their industry, so we not only require them to pass rigorous standards before hiring but also to stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry with continuing education and certification.  At all times, our drivers are fully vetted and insured to protect your safety and provide you with the best possible service.